These are our most popular fabrics that we have in stock.
Style # Width Weight Description Content
ES-1000 44/45 16mm Crepe de Chine S:100%
ES-1040 44/45 14mm Crepe de Chine S:100%
ES-1045 54/55 14mm Crepe de Chine S:100%
ES-1050 54/55 16mm Crepe de Chine S:100%
ES-1150 54/55 8mm Satin CDC S:100%
ES-1200 44/45 27mm 2-ply Crepe S:100%
ES-1600 44/45 28mm Pique S:100%
ES-1700 44/45 29mm Mini Pique S:100%
ES-2000 44/45 19mm Charmeuse S:100%
ES-2020 44/45 16mm Charmeuse S:100%
ES-2040 54/55 16mm Charmeuse S:100%
ES-2090 44/45 19mm Hammered Satin S:100%
ES-2100 54/55 19mm Charmeuse S:100%
ES-2150 54/55 30mm Heavy Charmeuse S:100%
ES-2200 44/45 30mm Heavy Charmeuse S:100%
ES-2260 44/45 36mm Double face Charmeuse S:100%
ES-2300 44/45 40mm Satin Back Crepe S:100%
ES-2350 54/55 40mm Satin Back Crepe S:100%
ES-2410 54/55 27mm Duchess Satin (20 colors) S:100%
ES-2500 44/45 19mm Charmeuse JQD S:100%
ES-2700 54/55 16mm Charmeuse JQD S:100%
ES-2750 54/55 19mm Charmeuse JQD S:100%
ES-2800 42/43 19mm Stretch Charmeuse S:91.5% Stretch:8.5%
ES-280A 52/53 19mm Stretch Charmeuse S:91.5% Stretch:8.5%
ES-2810 42/43 36mm Stretch Heavy Satin S:94% Stretch:6%
ES-2820 42/43 15mm Stretch Georgette S:91.5% Stretch:8.5%
ES-2840 42/43 21mm Stretch Georgette S:92% Stretch:8%
ES-2850 42/43 10mm Stretch Chiffon S:91.5% Stretch:8.5%
ES-2870 42/43 16mm Stretch CDC S:91.5% Stretch:8.5%
ES-2880 42/43 14mm Stretch Bo Lang Crepe S:98% Stretch:2%
ES-2890 42/43 40mm Stretch 4-ply S:92.5% Stretch:7.5%
ES-2910 52/53 10mm Stretch Chiffon S:91.5% Stretch:8.5%
ES-2920 52/53 10mm Stretch Georgette S:88% Stretch:12%
ES-2990 42/43 18.5mm Stretch Pebble Georgette S:92% Stretch:8%
ES-3000 44/45 8mm Habotai S:100%
ES-3200 44/45 12mm Heavy Habotai S:100%
ES-3250 54/55 12mm Heavy Habotai S:100%
ES-3400 54/55 8mm Habotai S:100%
ES-3700 54/55 13.7mm Double Layer Habotai S:100%
ES-3950 54/55 19mm Taffeta (19 colors) S:100%
ES-4000 44/45 8mm Chiffon S:100%
ES-4100 54/55 10mm Heavy Chiffon S:100%
ES-4150 44/45 11.5mm Satin Georgette S:100%
ES-4170 54/55 16mm Satin Georgette S:100%
ES-4200 44/45 16mm Double Georgette S:100%
ES-4360 44/45 19mm Pebble Georgette S:100%
ES-4390 54/55 5.5mm Crinkle Stripe Chiffon S:100%
ES-4395 44/45 11mm Faile Georgette S:100%
ES-4400 54/55 19mm Heavy Georgette S:100%
ES-4500 54/55 8mm Chiffon S:100%
ES-4550 54/55 6.5mm Satin Chiffon S:100%
ES-4570 54/55 8mm Chiffon S:100%
ES-4590 54/55 12mm Chiffon S:100%
ES-4610 54/55 11mm Metallic Chiffon S:69 % M:31%
ES-4620 54/55 8.5mm Metallic Stripe Chiffon S:91% M:9%
ES-4650 40/41 5.5mm Crinkle Chiffon S:100%
ES-4670 49/50 5.5mm Crinkle Chiffon S:100%
ES-4680 49/50 8.5mm Crinkle Chiffon S:100%
ES-4700 44/45 16mm Crinkle CDC S:100%
ES-4730 50/51 15mm Crinkle Satin S:100%
ES-4770 54/55 12mm Twill Georgette S:100%
ES-4790 54/55 8mm Seersucker Gauze S:100%
ES-4950 44/45 40mm Heavy Georgette S:100%
ES-4960 44/45 38mm Double Face Georgette S:100%
ES-4990 54/55 32mm Double Face Georgette S:100%
ES-5000 44/45 40mm 4-Ply S:100%
ES-500A 54/55 40mm 4-Ply S:100%
ES-5114 54/55 12mm Mesh Plain S:100%
ES-5115 44/45 14mm Gauze S:100%
ES-6000 44/45 34mm Douppionni S:100%
ES-6100 54/55 17mm Shantung S:100%
ES-6500 54/55 24mm Shantung S:100%
ES-9100 44/45 6mm Organza S:100%
ES-9200 54/55 6mm Organza S:100%
ES-9250 54/55 14mm Satin face Organza S:100%
ES-9460 44/45 16mm Twill S:100%
ES-9475 54/55 17mm Twill S:100%
ES-9495 54/55 19mm Deep Twill S:100%